About Moringa

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M.F.P. Moringa Family Production Limited was established on November 6, 2017 by Mr. Sean Grant and Mr. Rubert Lyons who are enthusiasts about healthy living and had realized that people are becoming more and more conscious about the type of juice they drink and are moving towards healthier lifestyles. Based on this ground, Mr. Grant and Mr. Lyons had decided to venture in partnership for the manufacturing of natural juice called “Moringa Magic Juice”.
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Mr. Lyons had many of the Moringa trees grown in his back yard and so, he had decided that he was going to start putting the Moringa to use. Mr. Lyons started to use the Moringa along with other ingredients to make natural juice for his family and friends following which, he realized
that it taste refreshing and had nutritional benefits.

Mr. Lyons and Mr. Grant were inspired by the refreshing juice and had decided that they were going to venture in a partnership to sell the juice to community members, friends and business places that were in close promixity.


M.F.P. Moringa Family Production Limited mission is to provide a healthy, tasty and refreshing juice in the highest quality to consumers at an affordable cost and to create a consumer friendly relationship.


M.F.P. Moringa Family Production Limited aspired to be one of the top beverage companies in Jamaica that will provide healthy juice created by Mother Nature with a highly motivated and dedicated staff that has the knowledge and experience to make the product to satisfy consumers’

Personal Benefits

According to Grant (2017), the moringa plant is of African origin and has been touted as the miracle plant. It has been in Jamaica since 1817 and is now found growing islandwide. Still, many persons are unaware of its medicinal and nutritional benefits. Moringa has seven times
more vitamin C than oranges, four times more vitamin A than carrots, four times more calcium than milk and twice as much protein as milk. It has three times more iron than almond and three
times more vitamin E than spinach. It is considered in many circles to be the number one treatment for high blood pressure and diabetes, which are common to Jamaicans.

The moringa plant increases the natural defence of the body to beautify the skin, promote energy, gives a feeling of wellness, improves the body's immunity, stabilise sugar, provides
nutrients to eyes and brain, acts as an anti-oxidant, and promotes good cholesterol and normal functioning of the kidney and the liver. Moringa, especially the leaves, are also helpful in weight
loss. Persons wanting to lose weight can benefit greatly from ingesting the moringa leaf, which can be cooked like a vegetable, eaten raw, or added to juices or tea. These leaves are low in fat and carbohydrates, but are extremely high in protein, vitamins and minerals.

The moringa leaf can therefore be taken as a nutritional supplement because of its high nutritional content. It is also able to convert food to energy quickly and can therefore reduce the possible storage of fat.